A "Father gets in free" pass for families, or a 20% off pass for Guests. Please print these passes off and give them to your family, friends, and neighbors. It will be a great show on Fathers Day Weekend. See the Cowboy Action Theater performers!!!!                          CLICK HERE FOR FAMILIES & DAD                 or                20% CLICK HERE

           Show Dates June 20-21 2015 Edmonton Expo Centre
                           Saturday 10am-5pm  Sunday 10am-4pm  



With the 100th anniversary of the First World War upon us, there will be many Canadian historical 100th milestones happening over the next 5 years. As part of our mandate to share the history of arms with the public and of course, being Canadian; we have decided to use these events to name our next 5 shows. Last year was “A Call to Arms”; this coincided with the beginning of hostilities, in Europe and Canada’s response, by mustering our troops to help. This year, the show is called “Into the Fray”; this coincides with the first Canadian troops arriving alongside the British troops, in combat, in February of 1915. I won’t give away the title of the 2016 show, but it will also commemorate a special point in our growth as a nation, as will the next 3.

No, this is not just another “gun show”, there are plenty of those each year. This is a “Historical Arms EXPO”. Last year, we were the only show in Canada with a functional Sherman Tank and many other historical vehicles, this year we plan to do even better. That’s not your ordinary “gun show”, is it? As a Historical Arms Society, our scope began when the first Neanderthal picked up a rock and “historical arms” have been growing ever since.


Dates of CHAS Touch History Expo's

2015 - June 20 and 21

2016 - June 18 and 19

2017 - June 17 and 18

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